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Just as with your Financial and Life Planning choices, your Wealth Management decisions should be entirely personalised to you.

At Kenwell, we have a track record of working successfully with affluent and high net-worth individuals and families in Switzerland, growing, preserving and protecting their wealth.

We have long-standing and highly rewarding partnerships with prominent wealth managers, who we work closely with, ensuring their approach and strategies mirror your plan.

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A good wealth management plan means that when you need money, you have a smart place to get some from. An investment framework of quality, value, diversity and time (QVDT) is appropriate for managing core family wealth.

Our experience and research suggest that for a core wealth portfolio, investing in a diverse array of quality assets bought at a reasonable value improves the likelihood of achieving good investment outcomes over time. The QVDT approach works and significantly reduces the likelihood of permanent capital loss compared to alternative approaches.

Our expert wealth management partners interpret and analyse research from various stock markets, and then design and manage your portfolio based on their findings.

At Kenwell, we believe this is a less subjective, and more systematic approach to investing.

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