The best succession plans are kept alive and constantly reviewed.

For many small to medium-size business owners and entrepreneurs, the start-up and growth phases of their companies can be all absorbing.

Maintaining stability in the long-term is the highest priority and thinking about the future beyond a five-year plan is usually given a backseat. Succession planning for themselves and their business is not often on the radar, yet to maintain your overall business’ health, it should be.

Are you expecting to pass on your operation to a younger generation within your family? Do they even share the same passion? Are you interested in a new acquisition and looking to sell or step back from your current operation? 

Succession planning gives business owners a clear line of sight as to how they will reduce their involvement down the track. It’s also critical, if the aim is to retire or move onto a new venture in the near future.

Kenwell Switzerland Financial Advice Succession Planning

At Kenwell, entrepreneurship is in our blood. Many of our team members have themselves experienced starting up and running a business and this insider knowledge is valuable to our clients.

Just as with your Financial and Life Planning choices, your Succession Planning should be entirely personalised to you and your business circumstances.

At Kenwell, we have a track record of working successfully with a wide range of business owners and their families, sharing their entrepreneurial spirit and being at their side every step of the way. We specialise in providing investment advice, a long-term perspective and fostering multi-generational relationships to preserve and grow your wealth.

From succession planning to business acquisitions and future opportunities, we can tailor a process specifically designed to help entrepreneurs and business owners on their individual journeys.

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