What We Do

Financial Life Planning

Together, our services combine to bring you Financial Life Planning. More practical than coaching, more meaningful than a money plan, your Financial Life Plan is designed specifically for you and your family, using the framework of the Kenwell GAME plan.
The Kenwell GAME plan is for the person you are, not just the money you have.

Life Planning

One holistic plan that combines money and life goals will set you on a successful path.

To achieve this, our advisers need to get to know you, your values and your aspirations. Through a series of innovative exercises and ongoing conversations, we uncover the elements that bring meaning to your life, allowing you to visualise a future and how to get there.

Life planning is a deep, full-spectrum process which considers your mental, physical and emotional welfare as well as your financial wellbeing. We partner with you to tailor a roadmap based entirely on your specific values, dreams and priorities.


Financial Advice

The best advice, for the best possible future. 

Our experienced, qualified financial advisers will advise you on which pension, investments, savings and mortgage options are right for you and your family. Armed with our professional experience, and knowledge about you and your life goals, we can provide the most relevant and tailored recommendations. No two plans are identical.

We have experience in cash management, business exit strategies, tax-efficient investment with solid financial structures and family succession plans and more.


Second Opinion Service

Sometimes routine and familiarity feel safe; for instance, you may have been with your financial adviser for quite some time now.

However, do you ever wonder if your existing financial investments and insurances are tailored to you and your lifestyle? 

Perhaps you find yourself wondering if your current adviser understands your goals and if your investments are helping you to achieve the life you want to live?

Using strong research capabilities and independent financial tools such as the Kenwell GAME plan, our Second Opinion Service scientifically analyses your existing investments to ensure they are tailored to you and your goals across all aspects of life.

Put our team to the test and get our experts to review your existing plans today.


Wealth Management

Pursue long-term goals with no short-term stress.

Kenwell’s longstanding, highly rewarding partnerships with prominent wealth managers ensure an approach and strategy to mirror your objectives. Like your plan, we ensure your wealth management choices are entirely personalised to you.

Our favoured investment equity strategy for clients is to buy-and-hold, actively selecting equities for strong long-term returns. This approach tends to outperform other strategies, such as active management, and is ideally matched for investors with far and closer horizons.

Our wealth management partners have proven performance in their interpretation and analysis of markets, designing and managing your portfolio through a systematic investment approach.


Financial Planning

A financial plan gives you a clearer view of your finances.

Developing a plan will give you the confidence to spend money on the things you love now whilst preparing you for life’s unpredictable moments.

Kenwell’s financial modelling shows your current financial status and how to maximise future wealth by applying expert advice.

Our computer-generated view of your lifetime spending and saving, aligned to your life goals, you allow you to see the whole picture and form a robust, practical financial plan.

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