It’s never too soon to start thinking about your ‘retirement’.

Ageing is a time of opportunity. We’re living longer, in better health and for many, the prospect of living a life of leisure after ceasing full-time work is an out-dated notion.

Seniors or retirees have never been more active. Many combine frequent travel with consulting or part-time work. Older entrepreneurs are a fast-growing demographic. Giving back through volunteering is also popular, while for others it’s a weekly calendar of sporting, fitness and social activities in-between grand-parenting duties.

Often people think they’ll spend less when they retire, when in fact their expenses can increase in the first few years as they tick off their bucket list of assorted travel and activities. Will you have regular and reliable income sources to sustain your choices?

The sooner you plan for what direction you want your life to take, the better placed you will be to achieve it.


Retirement Planning Switzerland Expat Advisor

Europe remains a popular retirement destination with Switzerland an attractive choice as many people take advantage of the Swiss Government’s retirement residency program.

Are you across all your visa or residency, tax and pension obligations and benefits?

At Kenwell, we want you to achieve the quality of life you deserve in retirement.

Your life financial planning continues through all stages of your life. How long will you live independently? What are your later life-stage living options? Have you thought about your legacy?

Whether it’s future planning for you or your parents, aged care is an important and complex area, wherever you are living. Don’t wait until the need is immediate to start thinking about your options and planning for what is almost inevitable.

At Kenwell, we believe it’s never too early to start this conversation.

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