Transferring your pension overseas or to another fund depends on your individual circumstances.

Are you fully across your rights and also possible penalties when transferring your pension?

At Kenwell, we can assist you to maximise your current balance and limit your exposure to costs and management fees, reduce any impacts from transferring your pension to and from funds and also accessing your pension while living overseas.

You’ve worked hard to build your pension fund, we want to ensure you get to enjoy its full benefit.

Kenwell FLP Switzerland Pension Transfers Expats

Since 2006, UK citizens and expats who have worked in the UK and contributed to a pension fund can elect to transfer their pension overseas to an eligible fund or scheme, referred to as a QROPS. Should should weigh up all potential outcomes including benefits or consequences before making the decision.

Here at Kenwell, we can help you to identify and manage such issues as:

  • UK tax-free opportunities
  • Exposure to income tax in country of residence
  • Gains from passing your fund to beneficiaries
  • Avoiding currency exchange risks
  • Transferring funds to a single scheme
  • Transferring to a self-invested pension plan

Your circumstances are unique to you. Obtaining professional and independent advice about any changes you want to make to your pension fund is recommended before your act.

Even if it’s just a second opinion to back up your decision.

At Kenwell, we’re across all your rights and obligations with regards to your pension while living and working in Switzerland. 

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