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Most C-suite and senior executives will describe themselves as knowledgeable when it comes to investing, wealth management and financial planning. Yet as few as 1-in-5, according to Forbes, actually takes the lead in such matters.

Here at Kenwell, we have the experience and expertise to assist executives and senior management to take control of their life and finances. We understand how you’re pressed for time and need external advice and support to remove the burden of managing your finances.

Kenwell FLP Switzerland Financial Advice Executives

Financial Wellbeing is important no matter your earning capacity, from Chairman and CEOs to newly hired graduates. When you’re not worried about your financial assets, you’re in a position to focus on leading the business or organisation.

At Kenwell, we will act as your personal Chief Financial Officer.

We work collaboratively with our clients to set tailored goals in every area of their life and map out the best approach for them financially by providing income tax strategies, wealth and investment management and family financial advice.

Our comprehensive financial advice will ensure your finances are cared for and given the opportunity to grow.

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