Are you an Aussie expat thinking of moving back home from Geneva?

Let us help you plan your successful repatriation.
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Our expert advisers can help you work through these important considerations:


Current international investments tax efficient upon return to Australia


Reviewing capital gains made whilst in Switzerland


Reviewing rules around tax-residency


Selling assets to be compliant and tax efficient


Existing and new insurance policies

At Kenwell, we believe your financial goals and personal goals are inseparable.

By working with us through your financial issues, obligations and status, before your move, you can relax into your return, reconnecting with what’s important: family, friends and your community.

Our Five Pillars of Wellbeing for your Repatriation are:

1. Do you have a clear plan or set of goals about returning to Australia?

When you plan for the life you aspire to, your financial decisions become easier.

2. Are you ready to withstand any financial shocks?

Moving countries, no matter how familiar, can cause huge changes in your life and finances, let’s give you some resilience to weather the side effects.

3. What are your financial options?

Are your investments still fit-for-purpose? Australian compliant and tax efficient? Our experienced team understand various jurisdictions and believes in minimising your liabilities and maximising the wealth you have.

4. Are you in control of your daily finances?

Any move can be costly but with a clear plan and guidance from our team, you can have the confidence to spend what you need with greater financial security.

5. Have you prepared for the future?

Have you considered your Pillar 2 and 3 pensions? Is your Health and Life insurance still valid? These considerations are easy to overlook when preparing to move back home, but if not made a part of your repatriation plan, can have significant implications.

With offices in Geneva, London and Perth, Kenwell’s financial advisers can assist you with every step of your relocation, offering a helping hand before and after you step on that plane home.

Whether you’re a working family, corporate singles, retirees, entrepreneurs or digital nomads, we will provide you with a personalised financial repatriation plan so you can disembark with confidence and look forward to the next stage of your life back in Australia.

Book a meeting with a Kenwell financial adviser today or contact us for more information.